Hot Sauce Anyone?

Reva Foods is proud to announce our brand new line of hot sauce. Kathy's Hot Sauces come in four amazing flavors!

Cayenne Sally: You absolutely have to invite Cayenne Sally to your next meal. She’s a spicy girl with a hint of garlic and a touch of cayenne. Just enough heat to make her interesting but not overpowering. Look up Cayenne Sally today. You’ll definitely ask her out again!

A Hint of Mango: Kathy’s A Hint of Mango Hot Sauce is just the right combination of sweet mangoes with a medium kick of scotch bonnet peppers. Make a spicy Mango Margarita with it. It’s Kathy approved! Any way you try it, you’re going to love Kathy’s A Hint of Mango Hot Sauce!

Sweet Heat: Kathy’s Sweet Heat Hot Sauce is a sweet, Asian flavor with just a hint of heat to it. It’s a great addition to any food when you want a sweet flavor, reminiscent of Thai sweet chili, with a subtle hint of heat.

Revenge: Don’t get mad, get Revenge! Kathy’s Revenge Hot Sauce is the best of both world – flavor and heat, lots of heat. Revenge looks unassuming but once you get past the great flavor, you’ll understand the reason for the name. It’s not for the faint of heart. Bring milk!

Each of Kathy's hot sauces is a great balance of flavor and heat. They're a great complement to any type of food and will liven up your dishes. Try Kathy's hot sauces today! Browse our store by clicking here.

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