Sweet Smokin & Grillin Rub


Dennis’ Sweet Smokin’ & Grillin’ Rub is perfect for any meat destined for your smoker, grill, or oven. Remember, Dennis’ Sweet Smokin’ & Grillin’ Rub is all natural, fat free, gluten free, and preservative free.


  • Puts a great bark on anything in the smoker
  • Tasty with veggies


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Dennis loves his smoker but never a rub that would add just the right flavor and bark to his smoked meats. So he worked on one until he got it just right. The sweet flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar combine with the spiciness of cumin and smoked paprika to bring a wonderful flavor boost to chicken, pork shoulder, ribs, and brisket. Try it at your next cookout. You won't be disappointed!

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